100 Project Boards Party: What are the hottest projects in Lucro?

It’s the end of Q2 - are you celebrating or panicking? If you’re already celebrating, or just need a pick-me-up, then I invite you to this blog party. 


Wait! Why are we dancing?

We had over 100 project boards created in Lucro - and thematically, there is some revolutionary stuff going on over here.

In Lucro, healthcare organizations create projects to advance their strategic priorities. “Boards,” as they are called within the application, help teams find and decide on the best vendor partners for the project.

Project themes in Lucro:

Here are some of my favorites:

(Patient Support) Improving sleep quality during hospital stay

    • Objective: We're looking for ways to improve the sleep quality of patients that need overnight stays in our hospital. Sleep is interrupted by noise coming from other patients, nursing staff from the night shift, and other disturbances. Is there a way to protect patients from this by shielding them from light, sound and other stimula, all the while protecting patient safety and being able to care for them sufficiently? We are open to various ways of solving this problem, for example the usage of anti-sound, sleeping pods, or other inventive ideas we haven't come up with.

(Interoperability) Population Management Solutions for Organizing Devices, Apps and other digital solutions

    • Objective: We are looking for Population Management Solutions for Organizing Devices, Apps and other digital solutions. Our patients are increasingly coming to our appointments with their own health, wellness and other relevant data from the devices they use day to day. We are looking for solutions to help us access and synthesis this information, with particular focus on the Epic EHR.

(Disease Management) Hand Hygiene Compliance

    • Objective: Our health system Infection Prevention team is looking for solutions related to hand hygiene compliance. Specifically, we are looking to collect actionable data to track and manage hand hygiene compliance in order to prevent the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). Currently, we use secret shoppers which are only able to report a 1% sample size with manual (pen and paper) data collection and no actionable outcomes. The ideal solution: Provide both individual and team-level granularity for data reporting, Dispenser brand agnostic, Alert when a dispenser is low on product, CDiff isolation tracking.

The brains behind the project boards:

The Lucro community has expanded beyond America, with health systems from multiple countries using boards to find solutions to problems. We started with over 20% of the US market and have grown into a global community of decision makers determined to get better technology solutions to the industry.

Here’s a snapshot of the providers on the Lucro platform looking for innovative vendor partners.

Provider Snapshot

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Denise Hicks

Denise Hicks
Client Happiness Extraordinaire, Lucro

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