Innovative Health IT Companies Who Are Changing Healthcare: A Vendor Community Shout Out

Working with Innovative Health IT Companies is a Breath of Fresh Air

On a daily basis, I get to discover a lot of the amazing health IT companies who are addressing some of the biggest problems in healthcare and finding innovative solutions for them. As the head of marketing, I want to share with you one of coolest parts of my job here at Lucro. It’s time some of our vendor community gets a shout out for driving innovation in an industry that is usually years (even decades) behind.

In Lucro, health care organizations create projects to advance their strategic priorities. “Boards,” as they are called within the app,  help teams find and decide on the best vendor partners for the project. As I’ve researched vendors for some of the project boards in our platform, I came across several that gave me a renewed excitement about innovations that can change the landscape of how we’ve customarily defined healthcare. Here are just a few of the ones I’ve come across that I think deserve kudos for what they’re doing.*

Cyrcadia Health

With a goal of breast health awareness, Cyrcadia Health has developed a breast cancer detection bra insert. The iTBra consists of two wearable, comfortable intelligent breast patches which detect circadian temperature changes within breast tissue, allowing for the earliest detection of breast cancer. With early detection comes more treatment options and the best treatment results. Plus, it’s used in the privacy of your own home, without the pain of pressing or radiation, and can be worn discreetly at any time. I’m telling everyone I know with a family history of breast cancer to get on board. A great mission with a solution that uses technology for optimal outcomes - yes, please!


AccendoWave was created with the goal to bring discrete data points to patient pain. They created a pain management headband that assesses patient discomfort levels using Electroencephalography (EEG) technology. The technology helps medical staff to determine if there are changes in pain before and after treatment by quantifying the experience. Trying to make the human experience of pain as minimal as possible is pretty noble if you ask me.


Willow has developed a quiet, tubeless breast pump that changes the new mother experience. It tucks inside your bra and works quietly while you go about your day. So you can finally pump without the need for a private place. Because in today’s world, women need a breast pump that can keep up with their demands for motherhood without interfering with the demands of a busy, do-it-all life. There’s even an app on your smartphone to help you manage and track milk levels. I’m sure moms out there wish this product was available years ago!


Imagine being elderly with limited ability to travel and experience life outside of your senior community. Rendever is allowing seniors to experience travel in virtual reality. Using therapy like VR/AR has shown to increase patient satisfaction and happiness. Expanding their world decreases the effects of depression and isolation experienced by so many seniors in the post-acute space. Imagine if you or your loved ones could climb Mt. Everest in VR! VR could take family picnics to a whole new level!


BioBot created a desktop 3D bioprinter that builds living tissues out of human cells. Best of all - it’s accessible to the masses. Its compact design allows the printer to sit on a desk and support the use of standard lab dishes. It’s easy to use and sterilize and can accommodate a wide range of viscous materials. Next time I need a new organ or tissue, I know who I’m calling!


Sentrian set out to eliminate all preventable hospitalizations by using machine learning to remotely detect patient deterioration earlier and with higher accuracy. The product identifies patients who are at the greatest risk of hospital admissions, monitors the patient using biometric sensors, analyzes data through a disease deterioration model that looks for personalized patterns predictive of hospitalization, and notifies clinicians when a patient’s risk status has changed and requires their attention. Hopefully, chronic disease doesn’t have to be so chronic anymore.

Deep Genomics

Deep Genomics has developed a technology that can predict genetic disorders. The technology is based on machine learning, a powerful and practical form of artificial intelligence and provides a causal interpretation for genetic variation. The approach works for any disease or any variant, whether natural or therapeutic. The ability to discover disease diagnostics and therapies is a precision medicine game changer.


SuitX’s Phoenix exoskeleton is a lightweight, advanced exoskeleton designed to help people with mobility disorders to be upright and mobile. Imagine the hope that brings to people who are paralyzed and think they’ll never be able to walk again. This exoskeleton is lightweight, modular (allows pieces to be taken off or put on by the user), size adjustable and easily configured for specific individuals, and easily controlled standing or sitting. The product can be used for 4 hours of continuous walking or 8 hours of intermittent walking!

Indigo Clean

Indigo-Clean, a Continuous Environmental Disinfection technology, uses visible light to safely, automatically and continuously kill harmful bacteria, 24/7, in the air and on hard and soft surfaces. Indigo-Clean is a light fixture that installs easily into the ceiling of any room in the hospital. Hospital-acquired infections could be prevented just using a light! I want this for my house!

So often, I read articles and blog posts about how far behind the healthcare industry is. Hopefully, this list gives you the same renewed sense of excitement and hope for healthcare as I get when I find game-changer health IT vendors like these. Keep innovating, y’all!


Do you know of other health IT companies making innovative products that will advance the industry? Share them with us below!

*List is solely based on one individual’s experience and not all encompassing of the vendors found in Lucro. Lucro holds no association with any of these companies, revenue or otherwise.


Jennifer Renshaw
Digital Marketing Director, Lucro

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