Looking Back on HIMSS17, Looking Forward to Innovation

At 4:00 PM on Wednesday, February 22, a cheer went up from exhibitors at HIMSS17 upon hearing the announcement, “The Exhibit Hall is now closed.” Sales and marketing executives gathered their supplies and headed for the door, leaving teams of specialists to dismantle the mini-city that had sprung up in the almost mile-long convention hall.

Exhausted attendees, feet aching and shoulders slumped from carrying pounds of giveaways and literature, also made their way out of the hall. Many commented on the sensory overload of the exhibits, signage, noise and smells that had pummeled them for three days.

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HIMSS is over - Back to Earth

There is a remarkable spirit of innovation and collaboration that takes place during the four days of HIMSS. It’s invigorating and inspiring to hear and talk with these very bright people and mission-driven companies. It makes you believe that change can happen.

And then you’re back at work and reality hits. How do you sort through the ocean of information? If only there was a way to track these innovations, determine which might advance your mission and digitally connect with desirable partners 24/7/365.

Ironically, upon leaving the healthcare industry’s greatest annual showcase of promising technology, we revert back to antiquated processes to advance conversations with potential partners. Even as the industry attempts to innovate faster, fragmented emails and a barrage of phone calls are setting us up for frustration and failure.

Reflecting on Conference ROI

For vendors, it’s time for the moment of truth when exhibitors must ask: Was it worth the investment of time and money? There is a significant distance to go from hype to deals, implementations and outcomes.

Whether you are a new or smaller company looking to break into the marketplace and make an impression at the world’s premier HIT event, or an established organization seeking to sharpen your approach and reap a better ROI, you have to wonder if there’s a better way to maximize your marketing investment.

Post-HIMSS - What’s Next?

Improving care quality, reducing costs, improving interoperability and addressing cybersecurity were all major issues that dominated the conversation at HIMSS.

To fulfill our true potential, we must find new ways to prioritize needs and then identify and adopt meaningful innovations to accelerate progress and deliver better healthcare for all.

That’s where Lucro comes in. Our platform facilitates the identification and prioritization of initiatives, then presents hospitals with potential partners who can meet those needs. It allows vendors to laser focus on those prospects whose needs align with their solutions. Not only is this technology-enabled purchasing approach more efficient, it’s also decreases costs for both hospitals and vendors while saving a lot of shoe leather. Learn more at www.lucro.com


Bruce Brandes

Bruce Brandes
Founder and CEO, Lucro

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