The Lucro Brainpower: Our Healthcare Provider and Project Spread for 2017

Hi, Denise here. My team is responsible for all of our provider and vendor engagement and Lucro project management. We’ve had a heck of a year at Lucro, and there are some incredible projects to highlight and reflect back on the 2017 trends.

If you’ve been following our story, we’ve been live for General Availability since February 2017 after launching at HIMSS. We have bright, innovative, hard working healthcare partners using Lucro today. They’ve helped us to build a product that allows for an end-to-end vendor selection - all from the your own chair online. If you’re like them and need help with a purchasing decision, sign up on our website to manage your own vendor selection in an easy 3-step process. 

What Types of Providers are using Lucro today?

Our healthcare partners come in many shapes and sizes and are managing projects in Lucro to help solve for today’s pressing problems in healthcare. I’m excited to show you our growth as we sail into 2018. See below for a breakdown:

Healthcare Providers using Lucro

We have some cutting-edge projects in the works this year in Lucro. See below for insight on what people are purchasing.

Our Hottest Projects in 2017:

Brainpower Projects.png

In an industry that is notoriously slow to innovate, there is a lot of promise in the projects trending above. It’s awesome that health systems are focusing heavily on patient experience (22%) while simultaneously looking for other ways to bring their services out of the hospital walls (telehealth - 20%). At the same time, no one is losing sight of what it means to coordinate care through service lines, improve efficiencies, and use tools necessarily for better decision making.

Specifically, in today’s world where we have a declared Opioid Epidemic, it’s exciting to see health systems trying to solve for pain management in a pharma-free way or put better tools in place for medication adherence and eliminate divergence. These steps can help reduce the amount of people abusing opioids in a very real and tangible way.

Additionally, while physicians and patients are learning to bear the burden of an electronic health record, it’s key to remember that there are real impacts to population health and clinical decision making that can come from this data. You can also tell from this project spread that health systems are focused on eliminating the burden of the EHR through physician support mechanisms (10%), such as voice transcription. General operations improvements (10%) help as well, when device management becomes a priority, scheduling needs to be optimized, or team communication improvement efforts are launched.

Check out these active projects that are currently being managed in Lucro - we’re ready for you 2018!

Virtual Physical Therapy

Seeking a scalable solution for virtual physical therapy, with a special emphasis on obese patients.

Patient Wait Time and Provider Turnaround Time

We would like to define an innovative platform that forecasts, manages and reduces patient wait times while identifying, managing and resolving provider and resource turnaround times. This innovation must integrate with our existing workflows and legacy IT systems.

Second-Opinion Solution

Second-opinion solution for virtual consults (provider-to-provider) with specialty providers. This will help us appropriately direct patients from the primary care setting (clinics) to the appropriate next level of care.

Incident Command Software

Wanting to evaluate options for software to manage incidents such as disaster preparedness for a national for-profit healthcare system.


What exciting initiatives are you working on? Leave us a comment below!


Denise Hicks

Denise Hicks
Client Happiness Extraordinaire, Lucro

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