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We managed over 180 vendor selection projects on our platform in the the past year (Q1 2017- Q1 2018). Our projects ranged considerably - from Analytics to Virtual Reality (someone create a project that starts with Z!). Healthcare organizations were overwhelmingly looking for new ways to improve care, cut costs, and streamline operations. Here’s a breakdown of the categories of projects that appeared in Lucro over the last year and a half:

Top Project Categories

The top three vendor selection projects centered around Operations, Telemedicine, and Patient Experience. Here's a little more insight on each of those areas.


Hospital Operations and SupportOperations & Business Support

Our largest project base (19%) focused on Operations and Business support. Several of those projects pinpointed better reporting, device management, and improving documentation efficiencies. Many projects identified improving physician credentialing, enrollments software, and OCR (optical character recognition) to strip more data out of PDFs. These tangible needs for single software solutions popped up often in this particular category. Not surprisingly - Operations and Business Support has been a front runner in our project categories.



Our second largest group of projects looked to technology to aid patients remotely through Telemedicine (17%). No shocker here either - health systems purchase technology to reach patients before, between, after, and in place of appointments. What impressed me about these projects was the creativity behind their process. Some healthcare organizations were looking for patient-centered apps to prescribe (love this!) or at-home lab tests (also love this!) to reduce trips to the doctor. The areas of telemedicine that were the most popular included virtual visits (32% of the total), remote behavioral health (23%), and remote patient monitoring (16%).


Patient ExperiencePatient Experience

Another common hot topic for Lucro projects is Patient Experience. Patient Experience, quarter over quarter, made up 14% of our total project spread. We had projects for pain control, drug compliance, education, portal improvement, registration, scheduling, transportation, entertainment, and insurance help (and this is only a partial list!). What excited me most about this category of projects is the commitment to YOU. TO ME. TO ALL OF US. And the most common patient experience project was around reducing patient wait times. (AMEN! My apologies - I get a little excited about these vendor selections.)


Who is creating all of these projects?

Should you be creating projects too? (Hint: the answer is probably yes). Anyone in healthcare that needs to partner with vendors can and should be using Lucro to manage those evaluations. Check out the titles of who is currently using Lucro:

Project Owner Titles


Are you at a local, regional, national (or international) healthcare organization?

Do you need to screen and vet potential vendors before purchase? Join the Lucro community of brainpower. Here's a breakdown of our customer footprint.

Healthcare Organization Customer Footprint

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