Redefining the Sales Battle

In ancient Roman times, gladiators entered the ring to engage in blood-soaked battle, often to the death. Fast forward to 2017, and while it may not be the Roman Coliseum, fearsome battles between vendors for health systems’ purchasing decisions, as well as battles around vendor choices within these health systems, still take place on a regular basis.

The difference in vendor and provider approaches to selling and purchasing, respectively, isn’t productive for either party, resulting in mutual frustration and inefficiency, as well as solutions rife with compromise. Vendors and providers that are open to changing how they approach purchasing conversations can save themselves the “sales battle”, work more efficiently and make better decisions to push toward innovation.

As you consider how this change can impact your organization, keep three benefits of a more collaborative vendor/provider relationship in mind:Reinvent purchasing processes 

Lucro has reinvented and streamlined the outdated purchasing process to help vendors work with providers to make better, faster decisions. Lucro’s platform streamlines evaluation and decision-making for health systems, while leveling the playing field for vendors.

Hospitals begin by clearly defining their needs and initiatives, reaching consensus on priorities across the enterprise. They can use this consensus to then drive their vendor research and selection to make an informed purchasing decision.

Streamline sales

Gone are unsolicited sales outreach, including reams of emails, letters and cold calls, allowing vendors to focus their time and energy on solid prospects. For vendors whose modus operandi is to find a rogue champion and “sneak” in their product, the loophole is closed.

While that often-tiny window is closing, a new door is opening. Vendors submit their solutions for hospital initiatives through the Lucro platform for consideration. This optimizes sales efforts, allowing the sales team to focus on actual opportunities early in the decision-making process.

Achieve clarity

Lucro turns what traditionally has been a gladiatorial battle into a civilized game of Go Fish. The health system states what it is looking for and vendors respond with the appropriate solutions.

Lucro offers a faster, easier way to get vendors’ innovative solutions in front of health systems that need their offering. Gone are the days of purchasing decisions resembling Romanesque battles—vendors and providers now have a better way of working together to make better, faster decisions. Learn more at


Bruce Brandes

Bruce Brandes
Founder and CEO

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