Sep 28

Why Healthcare Organizations Take So Long to Make Buying Decisions and How We Can Fix It (Part 2 of 4 - Misalignment) (HIStalk)

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(as seen in HIStalk Reader's Write on September 27, 2017)

As any industry observer knows, health systems continue to consolidate in an attempt to ensure their viability given unprecedented financial and operational pressures.  Many organizations struggle to fully leverage their scale post-merger. Most often the difficulty is to align focus, priorities, internal knowledge. and industry experience across the expanded team as they integrate.  

Misalignment is usually the main contributor to the length of the sales and purchasing process. Too often people fall in love with a PRODUCT without first clearly defining the PROBLEM they seek to solve. This challenge is exacerbated by complex purchasing decisions that require collaboration across multiple stakeholders to make the right choices.

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Sep 05

Why Healthcare Organizations Take So Long to Make Buying Decisions and How We Can Fix It (Part 1 of 4) (HIStalk)

Blog Bruce Brandes HISTalk Sales Purchasing Decisions Decision Making healthcare innovation Innovation

(as seen in HIStalk Reader's Write on August 30, 2017)

Over my 28-year career selling to health systems, the most common “competitor” to which my companies would lose a deal was the same: Do Nothing. For decision-makers across the country, there are many reasons that deferring buying decisions was historically a wise choice. 

Rarely was there a compelling reason to make a decision at all. In the past, the economics, competitive pressures, and the underlying business model did not change meaningfully enough to encourage risk-taking. Frequently, if you waited long enough, potential industry changes would often just go away.

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Aug 30

Vendor Tinder

Blog About Lucro Sales Healthcare Leaders Decision Making

It’s Friday night, and you’re looking for a date.

You drive 30 minutes to a bar, pay $20 for parking, $12 for a drink, and then things get worse.

Before you can take that first sip of your Appletini, a stranger moves in. Awkwardly close now, the stranger starts to shout:


You’re not interested in any of those things - Kevin is not a good match. You awkwardly panic moonwalk out of the “conversation” with Kevin...  

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Aug 18

The Intern Experience

Blog Intern experience Life at Lucro

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson would not be expected to write something so applicable to modern day business. He was famed for his lengthy metaphors about existentialism, but some of his advice should still ring true in the ears of any modern day businessman. The most important thing I’ve learned in my short time at Lucro is that the only way to make real, tangible change in an industry is to create your own trail.

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Aug 10

Always Give a Good Show

Blog Best Practices User Experience Patient Experience Disney

Learning from the master of magic, Walt Disney, to shape the ultimate patient experience.

Patient experience is consistently a hot topic in Lucro - on both the provider and vendor sides of the house. Summertime brings to mind many happy vacations, which in my family meant a trip to Walt Disney World - filled with magical meetings with princesses and soaring castles.

After clearing the pixie dust from my eyes, I realized (<insert headsmack here>) THIS IS ALL CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. This is evident in everything that Disney does in their theme parks. Attendees are guests - named so that every employee is reminded to treat their customers as they would a guest in their own home. Employees are cast members, so they keep top of mind that their job is to play a role in their guests’ vacation story. There are no afterthoughts; everything is placed with intent and a spoonful of magic.

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Jun 29

100 Board Blog Party

Blog Purchasing Decisions Healthcare Leaders Hospitals Best Practices Thought Leaders It’s the end of Q2 - are you celebrating or panicking? If you’re already celebrating, or just need a pick-me-up, then I invite you to this blog party.  

Wait! Why are we dancing?

We had over 100 project boards created in Lucro - and thematically, there is some revolutionary stuff going on over here.

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Jun 07

Change Management with User Involvement: Incorporating End-user Feedback in IT Projects (part 2 of 2)

Blog Purchasing Decisions Healthcare Leaders Hospitals Best Practices Change Management User Experience

In our last blog, we talked about how involving users early in projects results in better products for users, more efficient development, and other benefits to project stakeholders. Today, I’ll break down 5 user interview techniques you can start implementing right away to take advantage of the benefits.

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Jun 02

Change Management with User Involvement (part 1 of 2)

Blog Purchasing Decisions Healthcare Leaders Hospitals Best Practices Change Management User Experience

An ounce of input equals a pound of change management

As a healthcare executive, you have a crucial view of problems that reach out across your entire organization and seep into every department. You bring in the department heads and your operations leadership to define the problem and scope the project. Great! Then you talk to end users for their input on usability and creative ways to solve the problem. Oh yea - Wait, what?

If you're not incorporating end user feedback, you're not alone. End users are rarely involved in problem definition and solution exploration. Often, the first time they hear about a solution is when implementation or training is announced.

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May 25

An Update of the Themes in Lucro Brainpower

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Six weeks ago, we put together a blog on the Lucro Brainpower to show you what types of health systems made up the Lucro community and aggregated all the projects you were working on. A lot can happen in six weeks: that’s three development sprints, 13 Preds games, and 30 new project boards in Lucro. 

Who is a part of the Lucro brainpower?

Here is an overview of our acute health system population. In the past six weeks, we’ve also gained a foothold in the post-acute space, national treatment centers, national ambulatory surgical centers, physician associations, and independent practices.

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May 18

Decision Making: The Constant Struggle (part 3b of 3)

Blog Purchasing Decisions Healthcare Leaders Hospitals Best Practices Decision Making

If you’re just joining us, we started a Q&A with Steve Sisko of @shimcode last week. We’ll be digging in to see where Steve thinks the rubber meets the road on tough decisions and a bigger view of the health IT landscape.

Intro to Steve & why we like him:

With 20+ years of experience serving multiple roles in the healthcare, information technology and advisory services trades: Steve brings a unique perspective and deep subject matter expertise unfettered by allegiance to any specific commercial entity or particular product set. Intense curiosity, extensive research skills, and over three decades of evolving healthcare business and technical skills afford Steve with the unique healthcare data, technology and services competences needed to thrive in today’s digitally focused healthcare environment. Learn more about Steve’s knowledge, skills and experience at his website: 

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