Feb 07

Digital platform makes it easier to find the right IT solution

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(as seen in AMA Wire on February 1, 2018)

Health systems and physician practices have access to a host of digital tools that can enhance patient care. However, identifying the health information technology (IT) that best fits their needs can be a long and arduous process. A new digital platform helps streamline complex purchasing decisions across the health care industry.

The AMA recently began a collaboration with Lucro, a health care technology company in Nashville, to improve physician engagement in purchasing decisions. Lucro’s digital platform simplifies the buying process by connecting physicians and health systems with innovative technology vendors. The collaboration comes in the wake of the release of the AMA Physician Innovation Network (PIN), an online community that connects and matches physicians with digital health companies and entrepreneurs.

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Dec 21

Getting the Most Out of Vendor Interactions at Healthcare Conferences

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Major healthcare conferences like the upcoming 2018 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition and more specialized forums like the AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum held a couple weeks ago in Nashville are great opportunities to learn a lot in a short period of time.

Being able to easily meet and interact with exhibitors, engaging with a variety of 3rd parties about the opportunities, challenges and issues your company is facing, and the ability to quickly obtain key information to help you assess whether a specific vendor's offerings and company culture align with your needs are three main reasons why people attend healthcare conferences.

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Nov 29

How Do You Distinguish a Vendor from a Partner?

Healthcare Vendors Purchasing Decisions Healthcare Leaders Decision Making Sales Process Thought Leaders healthcare innovation healthcare IT vendors Qualifying Questions Vendor Partners RFP Vendor Selection IT solutions RFPs

Finding a Partner, Not Just a Vendor

Aligning a vendor with your organization is critical for forming a successful partnership that will ensure your business objectives are met. Depending on your organizational needs, qualifying questions can help you get your list down to better vendor partners earlier, before heading into the full “requirements gathering” phase of your project. This will dramatically reduce the amount of time communicating, evaluating, and showcasing vendors - making your whole process more efficient.

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Sep 28

Why Healthcare Organizations Take So Long to Make Buying Decisions and How We Can Fix It (Part 2 of 4 - Misalignment) (HIStalk)

Bruce Brandes HISTalk Healthcare Vendors Sales Purchasing Decisions Healthcare Leaders Hospitals Decision Making Sales Process healthcare innovation Innovation Process Improvement Vendor Selection IT solutions

(as seen in HIStalk Reader's Write on September 27, 2017)

The Focus on Buying a Product is Wrong

As any industry observer knows, health systems continue to consolidate in an attempt to ensure their viability given unprecedented financial and operational pressures.  Many organizations struggle to fully leverage their scale post-merger. Most often the difficulty is to align focus, priorities, internal knowledge. and industry experience across the expanded team as they integrate.  

Misalignment is usually the main contributor to the length of the sales and purchasing process. Too often people fall in love with a PRODUCT without first clearly defining the PROBLEM they seek to solve. This challenge is exacerbated by complex purchasing decisions that require collaboration across multiple stakeholders to make the right choices.

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Sep 05

Why Healthcare Organizations Take So Long to Make Buying Decisions and How We Can Fix It (Part 1 of 4) (HIStalk)

Bruce Brandes HISTalk Healthcare Vendors Sales Purchasing Decisions Healthcare Leaders Hospitals Decision Making Sales Process Customers healthcare innovation Innovation Vendor Selection IT solutions

(as seen in HIStalk Reader's Write on August 30, 2017)

The (Current) Healthcare Sales Cycle

Over my 28-year career selling to health systems, the most common “competitor” to which my companies would lose a deal has always been the same: Do Nothing. For decision-makers across the country, there are many reasons that deferring buying decisions was historically a wise choice. 

Rarely was there a compelling reason to make a decision at all. In the past, the economics, competitive pressures, and the underlying business model did not change meaningfully enough to encourage risk-taking. Frequently, if you waited long enough, potential industry changes would often just go away.

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Jul 20

Innovation Spotlight: Brookdale’s Entrepreneur in Residence Program

Healthcare Vendors Healthcare Leaders Thought Leaders healthcare innovation Innovation Senior Care IT solutions Senior Living

At Lucro, we love seeing innovations come to life, so this week, we’d like to showcase a provider on our platform who is truly driving innovation. When we heard about Brookdale Senior Living’s Entrepreneur in Residence Program, we were very impressed. We think it deserves a spotlight - both to be an example to other providers of how you can drive innovation at your organization and to confirm for vendors and entrepreneurs there are organizations out there trying to drive innovation in senior care and can help in your product development. Take it away, Andrew!

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Jul 14

Innovative Health IT Companies Who Are Changing Healthcare: A Vendor Community Shout Out

Healthcare Vendors healthcare innovation Lucro vendor community healthcare IT vendors Innovation Vendor Partners Vendor Selection IT solutions

Working with Innovative Health IT Companies is a Breath of Fresh Air

On a daily basis, I get to discover a lot of the amazing health IT companies who are addressing some of the biggest problems in healthcare and finding innovative solutions for them. As the head of marketing, I want to share with you one of coolest parts of my job here at Lucro. It’s time some of our vendor community gets a shout out for driving innovation in an industry that is usually years (even decades) behind.

In Lucro, health care organizations create projects to advance their strategic priorities. “Boards,” as they are called within the app,  help teams find and decide on the best vendor partners for the project. As I’ve researched vendors for some of the project boards in our platform, I came across several that gave me a renewed excitement about innovations that can change the landscape of how we’ve customarily defined healthcare. Here are just a few of the ones I’ve come across that I think deserve kudos for what they’re doing.*

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Jun 07

Change Management with User Involvement: Incorporating End-user Feedback in IT Projects (part 2 of 2)

Purchasing Decisions Healthcare Leaders Hospitals Best Practices Change Management User Experience Customer Experience UX IT solutions

In our last blog, we talked about how involving users early in projects results in better products for users, more efficient development, and other benefits to project stakeholders. Today, I’ll break down 5 user interview techniques you can start implementing right away to take advantage of the benefits.

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May 12

Decision Making: The Constant Struggle (part 3a of 3)

Purchasing Decisions Healthcare Leaders Hospitals Best Practices Decision Making Sales Process healthcare IT vendors Process Improvement Vendor Partners Vendor Selection IT solutions

We are lucky enough to have Steve Sisko, the HIT blog/social phenomenon, in digital form for the next two weeks! We’ll be diving into health system decision making and how they choose vendor partners, discussing what can be done now to minimize pain points together.

Intro to Steve & why we like him:

With 20+ years of experience serving multiple roles in the healthcare, information technology and advisory services trades: Steve brings a unique perspective and deep subject matter expertise unfettered by allegiance to any specific commercial entity or particular product set Intense curiosity, extensive research skills and over three decades of evolving healthcare business and technical skills afford Steve with the unique healthcare data, technology and services competences needed to thrive in today’s digitally focused healthcare environment. Learn more about Steve’s knowledge, skills and experience at his website: http://www.shimcode.com

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Feb 17

Getting Real About Innovation at #HIMSS17 - Q&A with CEO Bruce Brandes

Bruce Brandes Interview Healthcare Vendors HIMSS Healthcare Leaders healthcare innovation healthcare IT vendors Innovation conferences IT solutions

Who’s ready for HIMSS17 in t-minus two days!? In preparation for the show, we sat down with Bruce Brandes, Lucro CEO and co-founder, to hear his thoughts on emerging trends in hospital purchasing and ask what innovation progress he expects – and hopes – to see at the industry’s largest annual gathering.

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